Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hi Everyone

Blog time again.

Firstly I want to just say that I am sorry for not posting every week. I know that one of the things about a blog is regular updates, but this is not just another blog. This blog is inspired by God and I’ve also learned that sometimes we don’t hear God, not because we are not listening or not obedient enough or too full of sin, but quite simply because God doesn’t have anything to say to us at the time.

In the last couple of weeks God has been following a routine with me. He would start on a Monday or Tuesday by showing me certain things and making me face a few challenges head-on. Almost like a practical class. Sometimes it felt like He threw me in at the deep end and forcing me to swim or drown. Luckily I know that He will never let me drown. During the week I’ll usually learn a lot about myself and God would let me try to figure it all out by myself, as that is how my mind works and God knows me all too well. Then by the weekend God would start to reveal His plan behind the challenges of the week and the meaning of it all. I see this as the theoretical class. God would also deliver me from anything bad that would come out of the “lesson for the week”. Sometimes He would show me certain things about myself or my past that I had to repent and be delivered from.

But this is only my experience and I know that this “routine” might only be a temporary thing. God does not follow any formulae. He doesn’t follow any routine. Jesus healed everyone in a different way at different times in different places. Imagine if God did follow routines? Where would we be? If He had to rest every Sunday like we do? Where would this world be? What if He only healed people on a Tuesday or saved people from car accidents on a Thursday? Or what if He only loved us on Fridays? Then we could really say TGIF... and just for the record, in my book TGIF means “Today God Is First” and that goes for every day.

What I am trying to say is that we have an awesome God. He never sleeps. He is just there all the time waiting to love us and all we need to do to receive His love is to accept Him in our lives.

So my blog post tonight is not about us. It’s not about my personal experiences with God and it’s not about any How’s or Why’s when it comes to God. It’s just about saying “thank you God”.

Tonight I say thanks to Jesus for all the blessings in my life. For all the joy and peace and love that He gave me. I praise God for changing my life and washing me clean. I praise His Holy name for restoring me and renewing me and giving me a new life. I love God for loving me and blessing me with talents that I can use to glorify His name. I fall down on my knees and cry out to God the following prayer:

God I come before you tonight, unworthy of even calling your Name, but I thank you from my heart for what you did for me. For dying on the cross so that I can live. I thank you Father that you picked me up from the ashes and washed my sins away. I thank you that you restored me and filled me with your Holy Spirit. I thank you for giving me a purpose in this life and a new hope. I thank you for the calling you have on my life. I thank you for choosing me to be a part of the Body of Christ. To be part of the great work that is required on Earth. Jesus I thank you for caring for me and protecting me from all evil. God I thank you for all the blessings you bestowed upon me, the amazing love you placed in my life as well as the infinite love that you show me every day. Jesus I could not ever repay you, so I ask that you take control of my life and use me in your kingdom. I am your servant. Your love is deep and wide and furious. Your love heals. I can only say thank you Jesus. Amen.

Blessings until next time!


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